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This site is a casual blog for a variety of topics, focused mainly upon internetworking communication technology.  #mjmartin24601

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Michael James Martin, MA, MBA, MEd, SCPM, PMP

Michael Martin is a Senior Executive leading the Internet of Things business development in the IBM Canada GTS Network Services team focused on Mining, Oil and Gas, Energy and Utilities, Transportation, and Smart Cities solutions.  He is based in Toronto, Canada.  He consults primarily on complex RF systems and corporate strategy concerning advanced systems for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communication networks.  Michael’s work involves technologies such as WiMAX, LTE, microwave, satellite, optical fibre, two-way radio, and coaxial cabling used for M2M and IoT communications.  For the past ten years, he has provided business and technical guidance on broadcasting and media, smart city, traffic, transit, digital signage, asset management, mobility, smart meter and smart grid projects.  He has helped clients in 25 countries around the globe in the past three years.

He is a dedicated life-long learner currently holding three Masters Degrees in education, business, and communications, as well as three diplomas and five certificates in a variety of subjects focused on communication and media technologies.  He has presented at over 125 conferences and authored numerous articles, two book chapters, and several business and technical white papers.  Michael has served on five college and university boards as well as on publicly traded company boards.  He is currently a director for TeraGo Networks (TSX:TGO).

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