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A child suffering from cancer is heartbreaking and horribly unjust.  But, what can be done?

Well, you can raise money and awareness, and do whatever you can to help these struggling children.  You can step up, and say, I will help.

This is what Buttonville Flying Club member, Michael Templeton decided to do when his son Cale called from university seeking his father’s support to raise funds for a special event.  Cale is a student at Queen’s University studying medicine with aspirations to become a doctor.  Naturally, Cale gets involved in causes that help patients, especially children.  So, together they agreed to take some bold action, have some fun, and raise money and awareness for an important cause.  Michael reached out to his many friends, colleagues, clients, and acquaintances to seek their support for his son’s quest.

Michael (L) and Cale (R) before the sheep shears where brought out for the close cuts.

The Templeton men worked at fundraising for Childhood Cancer Canada (CCC).  Michael sent out an email blast to the BFC club members to request their help.   Michael wrote, “together we can further life-saving research, and help grow CCC’s critical education, community and connectivity programs to children with cancer and their families.  Only 3% of cancer research dollars is allocated to childhood cancer.

To persuade the BFC membership to join in, he promised, On May 5th, Cale and I will be shaving our heads to raise money for Childhood Cancer Canada.   He asked, please support our journey to help the 10,000 children battling with cancer in Canada.

With this sort of incentive on the table, many BFCers stepped up and personally donated to this cause.  The idea of seeing Michael shed his brown locks was simply to tempting to resist.

Michael shortly after his new haircut.  Oddly, the Toronto Maple Leafs logo was discovered under his hair

In addition, Michael proposed a scientific aviation study be tied to this event too. I am seeking your help in a daring aviation experiment.  I want to see if my existing flowing locks of deep brown hair are slowing my aircraft, either through wind resistance or excess weight.  So I plan to shave my head bald – right down to the scalp, on Friday May 5, after which I will check my aircraft performance.

So if you want to come to CYKZ  and see me sporting my new aerodynamic look, click on the link below for my son Cale and donate.  You will help solve the mystery – Do bald pilots fly faster  Also, you can help a very worthy cause, researching children’s cancer.  It’s hard to see an adult fight cancer, but it rips your heart out when it’s a child.

As of May 12, 2017, Cale and Michael have raised $9,128.00 for Childhood Cancer Canada.  It is not too late to donate and throw your hat into the ring for this important cause.  Let’s help Cale and Michael break $10,000.  Here is the link:
Michael enjoying a morning coffee at CYKZ to show off his new aerodynamic look