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It is the end of 2017 and the new year is about to begin offering fresh new opportunities for us all.  As is common at this time of the year, publications make predictions as to what will be the future technologies and how they will impact us.  IT World Canada asked ten Canadian technology leaders for their view of the most important 2018 technology advances.  I was honoured to be one of the ten and so I offered a perspective.  Here is the excerpt from the publication.

Michael Martin, senior executive, Internet of Things lead for IBM Canada

“As we move forward to a new year, we anticipate that the Canadian tech industry will experience a new wave of innovative disruption that will help change the way we live and work. Everyday objects – from toasters, to hospital beds, to elevators, to cars – are becoming connected and digitized to help create a safer world for us, a better consumer experience and excellence in service while eliminating redundancies. 2018 will bring an evolution to Internet of Things (IoT) with the intelligent, federated fabric of networks that service these applications, where multiple independent systems can send messages and share data from one system to another to enhance resources and improve quality of service. This will be a new era of augmented intelligence where man and machine bring advanced levels of efficiencies together.”

IT World Canada Dec 2017