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Most of you who know me, or follow me on LinkedIn reading my posts on advanced technology, appreciate that I love all technology.  I am a huge fan of the value offered from – artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Security, Privacy, and much more.  I often post about personal interests like: aviation, photography, and media experiences, too. Rarely do I make fun of the stupidity of technology as that goes against who I am and how I think.  Besides, I desire to be a positive and happy person, not someone who destroys or ridicules people or technology.

However, today is different.

Today we will all enjoy some healthy laughter at the mistakes of technology.  Just for the shear fun of it.  Nothing is ever perfect in life, not me, nor any innovative technological advancement.  We all have a lifespan that sees us ‘crawl, walk, run’ and eventually entropy accelerates to end the span, so there is a ramp-up period for everything to mature.  Artificial intelligence is no different.  It is still emerging.

Some very clever programmers set about to ask a highly capable AI platform to create inspirational posters to motivate humans to achieve success.  They did the requisite AI training and applied the necessary deep learning algorithms.  They fed in many thousands of worthy inspirational posters, so the AI could digest this content, and learn how to generate its own posters from these examples.  They gave the AI access to millions of image files to harvest as backgrounds for the quotes it was to dream up.  The AI cleansed and parsed the data, sorted it, cataloged it, organized it by genre, and then once it was ready, it executed the task to inspire us to be better, work harder, think smarter, and be all that we can be.

Did it work?

Nope!  It was a hilarious failure.

Have a look at these many examples and decide for yourself if the AI platform can replace you at your work.  Sure, they can do some tasks that require repetitive monotonous, mind-numbing actions over and over again on assembly lines.  But, they still struggle mightily at abstract ideas and creative endeavours that require use of imagination.





















Clearly more work is needed for AI to perform at the levels needed to deliver on abstract tasks like this one.  I expect that in time, AI will be able to do this sort of work, but it cannot now.  We have seen AI applied to some interesting tasks such as mixing cocktails, creating recipes, making driving decisions, and even flying airplanes and landing them in emergencies.  But, I am not yet convinced that the proverbial state of the art is where it needs to be to perform abstract tasks like humour or offering sage wisdom to make our days richer.

However, I must admit that I did laugh out loud at these creations.  Albeit not the way that the AI intended.  Hilarious technology.


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Michael Martin has more than 35 years of experience in systems design for broadband networks, optical fibre, wireless, and digital communications technologies.

He is a business and technology consultant. Over the past 15 years with IBM, he has worked in the GBS Global Center of Competency for Energy and Utilities and the GTS Global Center of Excellence for Energy and Utilities. He is a founding partner and President of MICAN Communications and before that was President of Comlink Systems Limited and Ensat Broadcast Services, Inc., both divisions of Cygnal Technologies Corporation (CYN: TSX).

Martin currently serves on the Board of Directors for TeraGo Inc (TGO: TSX) and previously served on the Board of Directors for Avante Logixx Inc. (XX: TSX.V). 

He has served as a Member, SCC ISO-IEC JTC 1/SC-41 – Internet of Things and related technologies, ISO – International Organization for Standardization, and as a member of the NIST SP 500-325 Fog Computing Conceptual Model, National Institute of Standards and Technology.

He served on the Board of Governors of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) [now OntarioTech University] and on the Board of Advisers of five different Colleges in Ontario.  For 16 years he served on the Board of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), Toronto Section. 

He holds three master’s degrees, in business (MBA), communication (MA), and education (MEd). As well, he has three undergraduate diplomas and five certifications in business, computer programming, internetworking, project management, media, photography, and communication technology. He has earned 15 badges in next generation MOOC continuous education in IoT, Cloud, AI and Cognitive systems, Blockchain, Agile, Big Data, Design Thinking, Security, and more.