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A major pandemic is being unleashed on the world. While healthcare workers are focused to get the Coronavirus under control. There are two significant impacts affecting lives. The first is to those who are sick, this is a scary and potentially lethal disease. The second is the disruption to business. While the health risks are frightening, the impacts to the business world are unprecedented and continue to escalate day to day.

Watch this video to learn about the three Watch Levels and the Six Steps you can take to protect yourself while travelling for business.

If you are a business traveller and have a business trip planned soon, what are you to do?

How can you protect yourself?

Which countries do you need to avoid and where can you go that is safe?

These are all hard decisions for you to make. There is a fine line to balance between personal safety and your obligations to your employer. The risks are real and serious to all business travellers today. This video will break it all down for you and help you to make the right decisions.