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The Toronto Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) is hosting a webcast on June 9, 2020 from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm (eastern times) to discuss the role that the next generation cellular technology will offer the television and movie production and distribution industries. Due to COVID-19 social gathering restrictions this meeting will be virtual.

All indicators suggest 5G is becoming an important technology as applications are expected to directly impact how businesses run. As such, the implications for accessibility (autonomous vehicles), the reach of mobile broadband (virtual and augmented reality, streaming, broadcasters) and the improvements in safety, health and security (remote surgery, traffic control) are some of the businesses that will see change.

The following industry leaders are lined up to speak:

  • Michael Martin, President, MICAN Communications – 5G Overview – The 10 Things that make 5G different.
  • Craig Snow, Huawei Technologies Canada, Accounts Director, Enterprise Business – Technology & Architecture – How it all works?
  • Sayan Sivanathan, Bell Canada, Senior Manager – IoT Channel Partner Program – Operator’s Perspective – When will it come?
  • Tony Jones, Mediakind, Principal Technologist – Applications – How will the industry use 5G?

All participants who wish to join this webcast must be registered in advance to attend. A link to the limited capacity event can be found below:

About MICAN Communications

MICAN is a communication business and technology consulting firm. Their aim is to help you solve your difficult problems and to provide support and direction to help your business succeed. The world of telecommunications is moving fast and demands an agile and adaptive approach. In order for you to remain vital, valued, and profitable, you cannot expect to maintain the status quo. New competitors armed with innovative and different solutions are coming at your business from several directions and you must respond and defend your market share with new solutions that meet your customers needs. We are here to help you succeed.

MICAN provides consulting, design, and technical guidance for telecommunications systems. They are experts in this field with decades of practical, hands-on experience. They have seen and solved most issues that you are facing and have already earned deep experience in the next generation challenges too. From SD-WAN to multi-cloud orchestration, from remote connectivity, to vCPE solutions over the public internet. to complex closed circuit camera systems to wireless mesh networks for IoT, we are your best source for problem solving and strategies to reduce costs and enhance efficiencies.


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