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Calgary – November 11, 2020:  Metercor Inc. announces that Michael J Martin is joining their team as Vice President of Technology.

Martin is a smart meter industry veteran having worked globally for more than a decade helping customers plan, design, engineer, and implement large-scale smart meter projects. He has also helped numerous utility customers with smart grid solutions and dozens of municipalities to plan and build smart city capabilities.  He is a recognized expert in the Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Security, and has published numerous articles and technical papers on these topics.

In Canada, he was instrumental in the initial smart electrical meter deployments for Ontario. He served as a subject matter expert and consultant to a consortium committee for two years that led 33 of Ontario’s leading local distribution companies (LDC) to procure their smart meter solutions. The consortium of buyers eventually grew to 66 LDCs before the tenders were released and the proponent’s bids were assessed for procurement. He has advised the senior leadership at Toronto Hydro, Hydro-Québec, and Hydro One.

Internationally he has consulted to many major utilities in Nordics, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, and in the United States. Major USA projects included consulting with CentrePoint, Xcel Energy, Florida Power & Light, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Pacific Gas and Electric, to name a few.

“These are exciting times for smart metering and I am thrilled to join the Metercor team”, Martin offered. “Metercor is an established and successful business with long-term trusted advisor relationships with many major utilities in Canada. I look forward to helping to grow the business and to serve Metercor’s customers so they can benefit from the rapid developments in smart metering”.

Tracy Johnson, Metercor’s President and CEO said, “We expect Michael to bring meaningful value to our customers and to strengthen the Metercor team of experts”.  Metercor is a leading Canadian company that for over 23 years has served municipalities with water meters. Now, Metercor will grow its business with the addition of both gas and electrical meter solutions. Johnson said, “With Michael’s help, we will shape our business to align to the needs of our Canadian customers”. He reported, “Utilities that use smart communicating water meters use about … 40 to 45 per cent less water per person” (S. Renzetti, Brock University).  By bringing instrumentation, interconnections, and intelligence to water meters, Metercor will provide utilities with the best tools and resources to enhance the quality of life for all Canadians.  Clean, safe, cost effective water is essential for life.

About Metercor Inc.

Metercor, with headquarters in Calgary, AB, operates throughout Canada. Metercor provides a complete range of metering products and services for utility providers and municipalities. They specialize in delivering solutions that create operational efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction. By working closely with utility service providers, they help develop effective strategies to realize their goals – big or small. With a successful record in water and gas metering and automation (AMR/AMI), Metercor continues to meet the needs of its partners in the utilities sector year after year. The deployment of hundreds of thousands of meters and RF endpoints are a testament to our industry-leading knowledge and experience. With the introduction of electrical meters as well as Smart City and IoT initiatives, Metercor looks forward to continuing to provide the solutions that will help their customers reach their metering goals.

About Michael J Martin, MA, MBA, MEd, SCPM, PMP

Michael J Martin is a senior executive business and technology consultant.  He has worked for Adcom Electronics, Cygnal Technologies, IBM, and MICAN Communications. He consults primarily on complex RF systems used for IoT and metering data communication networks.  Michael has provided business and technical guidance to various communications industries on a variety of RF projects around the world.  He is a dedicated life-long learner with three Master’s degrees.  As well, he holds three other diplomas, five certificates, and completed over 20 MOOC programs in a variety of subjects focused on communications and advanced technology. He has served on five college boards and one university board as well as on three publicly traded company boards.  He is currently a director for TeraGo Networks (TSX: TGO). He volunteers his time with an assortment of aviation and education initiatives, most notably with the CAF Red Tails Travelling Exhibit to honour the famed Tuskegee Airmen and he is a regular technology presenter with several student technology programs, including First Robotics Canada.